Doing right by customers

Aviva’s brand seems to be everywhere these days. It pops up regularly during ITV Drama (which it sponsors), its TV ads with Paul Whitehouse are high profile, and it is sponsoring premiership rugby. Indeed Aviva’s website trumpets its “first global brand campaign, demonstrating our commitment to putting customers at the heart of our business”. And […]

How can we solve the problem of young drivers?

Young people don’t make good drivers – it’s a dangerous mix of inexperience and immaturity.  In fact 1 in 5 drivers are involved in a crash in their first year on the road and 1 in 3 young men write their car off within 12 months of passing their test.  Although just 13% of drivers […]

Why the financial services industry wants a base rate change…

Yesterday’s Money Mail article on savings rates cuts made me think about how many in the marketing departments of banks and building societies must be longing for a Bank of England Base Rate change. Why?  Because rate changes it make it easier to reprice their new and existing product ranges to gain margin “unobtrusively”. The […]

Investment fund statements: how hard can it be to make them clear?

Today I got my six-monthly statement from F&C Investment Trust in the post. I mention this because, almost alone amongst the various statements I get from investment managers, F&C’s is easy to read. What F&C does, which few others do, is tell you both the value of your fund / units / shares now, at […]

How Lloyds TSB says one thing and does another (or why we need more competition in UK retail banking)

Flicking, as you do, through the Lloyds Banking Group interim results announcement that it issued earlier this month I was struck by the difference between what it says it is doing for customers and what it actually does.  Let’s be clear – I am not trying to bank bash here, merely using Lloyds as an […]

Brand new savings customers only please

Is it any wonder that we’ve fallen out of love with saving – when banks and building societies are still abusing their existing savings customers to give a better deal to new customers. Why do providers treat their customers so shabbily? It happened to me, despite the fact that I work in financial services and […]

Will “Simple Products” get people saving?

Mark Hoban, the Financial Secretary to the Treasury has announced a consultation into a possible new range of simple financial products.  In his speech he said: “simple products will help everyone make better choices, and we particularly intend to hep encourage saving”. But will it work? There’s no doubt that many UK household have a […]

What’s the point of the NatWest Customer Charter?

It seems that you can’t switch on the television at the moment without seeing an advert for the NatWest Customer Charter.  The Charter runs to 14 commitments spread across four categories like ” We are committed to making banking easy”. So what’s it all about and why are they doing it? For me NatWest is […]