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6 reasons why people don’t take financial advice

For many years a big part of my job was promoting Independent Financial Advice.  In fact I worked with IFA Promotion (nowadays more commonly known as Unbiased.co.uk) for about 13 years. Personally I am a big believer in financial advice and indeed use an IFA myself. Sadly, despite the undoubted effectiveness of IFAP and its […]

Why the financial services industry wants a base rate change…

Yesterday’s Money Mail article on savings rates cuts made me think about how many in the marketing departments of banks and building societies must be longing for a Bank of England Base Rate change. Why?  Because rate changes it make it easier to reprice their new and existing product ranges to gain margin “unobtrusively”. The […]

Will “Simple Products” get people saving?

Mark Hoban, the Financial Secretary to the Treasury has announced a consultation into a possible new range of simple financial products.  In his speech he said: “simple products will help everyone make better choices, and we particularly intend to hep encourage saving”. But will it work? There’s no doubt that many UK household have a […]